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Since 1995, we begun to cooperated with DuPont to jointly develop the domestic high-temperature flue gas dust filtration market, and popularize the application of high-temperature filter materials produced by DuPont's Nomex® fiber in high-temperature filtration, and has successively cooperated with many internationally renowned chemical companies.  Our company has been a authorized distributor and business partner of filter media for DuPont, Japan Teijin, Austrian Instin (INSPEC), Japan Toray (TOYOBO), especially since at first beginning of 2013, we have been the only company in the past nine years, to obtain the qualification and strategic partnership of DuPont's authorized manufacturer of NOMEX® filter materials in mainland China.


Our company is locate in the Beautiful Heron Island Xiamen City, Fujian, China. The Meidasi Industrial Park covers an area of 1.626 hectares, over 4 acres. We have four domestic and international advanced non-woven production lines, automatic production lines for filter bag frames, automatic production lines for filter bags, and the first-class technology and high-quality staff. We have been adhering to high standards and strict management methods, passed the IS09001 quality management system certification of the internationally renowned certification company “SGS”, introduced foreign advanced production technology, painstaking research, continuous innovation, and technical cooperation with a number of institutions of higher learning, joint research and development of new products. The sustainable development of the enterprise requires technological innovation and the establishment of a technology-based enterprise. Our company has now 29 invention patents and utility model patents, it has been rated as a “high-tech enterprise” since year 2004. "Integrity, quality, innovation, service" is our business philosophy; "high-tech, environmentally friendly products, environmental protection, and benefiting mankind" is our aim. We are all strict in controlling the quality of our products, and regard "quality first, service first" as the lifeline of the company. Therefore, the market share and popularity of "Meiyuda®" and "Meidasi®" products are going to higher. It has been widely used in asphalt mixing, steel, non-ferrous metals, thermal power generation, building materials, waste incineration, coal chemical, glass and silicon chemical industry, and has won unanimous praise and trust from customers.



产品   Products

1) High temperature filter material and filter bag

"Miyuda" brand high-temperature filter media includes Nomex filter material, Conex filter material, PTFE filter material, PPS filter material, P84 filter material, glass fiber sintered membrane special filter media and antistatic, oil and water repellent, membrane-coated filter media, etc, suitable for high temperature dust removal in steel, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, asphalt mixing, thermal power generation, garbage incineration, cement, coking, refractory, etc. Also other fuel and coal burning industries.

2) Normal temperature filter material and filter bag

"Meiyuda" brand normal-temperature filter media includes polyester filter material, polypropylene filter material, acrylic filter material, nylon filter material and anti-static, oil and water repellent, membrane filter media and other products, suitable for various normal temperature flue gas filtration and liquid filtration.

3)  LM medium and high temperature filter material and filter bag

"Meiyuda" brand LM medium and high temperature filter material includes membrane filter material, oil and water repellent filter material, antistatic filter material, suitable for various medium and high temperature flue gas filtration.

4) High temperature and normal temperature stiffening filter material and filter cartridge filter element

"Meiyuda" brand stiffening filter material includes PET stiffening filter material, stiffening high temperature filter material, normal temperature filter cartridge filter element, high temperature filter cartridge filter element and special requirement filter cartridge filter element, suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, cement, Product recovery, dust removal and filtration in incinerators, coking plants, aluminum plants, power plants, glass plants and other industries.

5) bag filter, bag frame and accessories

Specializing in the production of various specifications and materials of "Meiyuda" and "Meidasi" brand bag filter, bag frames and accessories.









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